Margarines for puff pastry

Scope of application
Used for making all types of puff pastry, including
yeast and yeast-free puff pastry, frozen semi-finished puff pastry, croissants, puff pastry cookies and other products.
Functional properties
• High elasticity.
• Do not leak at the proofing stage of yeast puff pastry manufacture.
• Evenly distributed during rolling, preventing the dough layers from sticking together during repeated folding and rolling.
• Provide high rise with distinct layering and make the finished products look attractive.
Application features
To obtain a high-quality finished puff pastry products, use puff pastry margarine to at least 30% of the recipe flour weight. There are various packaging types available to make industrial use of margarines more convenient:
block, uncut
block string-cut into 1 kg slabs
2 kg slabs, each slab film-wrapped
33830, 338302, 33835, 338303 (80% – 82%)
High-fat margarines for puff pastry with a wide range of operating temperatures, high elasticity, resistant to mechanical effects, do not absorb into the dough. Provide good rise and make the finished product look attractive. Leave no unpleasant tallowy aftertaste. Warm up quickly in the workshop, reducing the time needed to prepare margarine for use in winter. Recommended for frozen semi-finished products.
33834, 33838, 338304, 338307 (60 – 70 – 75%)
Low-fat margarines for layering. Can be used as an alternative to puff pastry margarines 82%. Specially selected recipe composition and manufacturing process produce margarines with excellent functional properties. Using margarines of this group allows grants extra business effect without compromising the finished product quality.
bez-e 33839 «CLEAN&FREE» (82%)
Specialized high fat, palm oil free margarine. Used in yeast and yeast-free puff pastries, croissants, puff pastry cookies, and other products.
bez-e 33831, 33833 «CLEAN&FREE» (82%)
High-fat margarine without E-numbers (Clean Label). Free of hydrogenated fats, emulsifiers, artificial coloring agents, or antioxidants. Can be used in healthy foods. Pliable, resistant to mechanical effects.
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