Rapeseed oil

Rapeseed oil is a product of black rape seeds processing.
In developed countries, it is listed as a healthy food.
In food industry and gastronomy, rapeseed oil is the third most popular one, after sunflower and palm oils. Rapeseed oil differs from other vegetable oils in that has extremely low saturated fatty acids content and high mono- and polyunsaturated fatty acids content.
Furthermore, Omega 6 (ω-6) and Omega 3 (ω-3) polyunsaturated fatty acids content ratio in rapeseed oil is (2-3):1.
Unsaturated acids consumption improves metabolism, strengthens blood vessel walls and prevent thrombosis.
You can purchase RAPESEED OIL from us in bulk or packaged in bags-in-boxes.
An important aspect to consider when assessing lipids’ biological efficiency is polyunsaturated fatty acids (linoleic (ω-6) and linolenic (ω-9) acids) content. Human body does not synthesize them; that’s why they are called essential. Their main source is plant origin fats.
According to RAMS Scientific Research Institute of Nutrition recommendations, the best ω-6:ω-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids content ratio in a healthy person’s diet is (9–10):1. Actual nutrition monitoring suggests that wee chronically consume less ω-3 acids than needed.
There are no ω-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids in sunflower oil, while rapeseed oil contains 8.8% of them.
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