Pasteurized cream. Raw material

Pasteurized milk cream is a multiphase polydisperse system. It includes the same components as milk but with a different ratio between the fat phase and the plasma. Pasteurized cream is produced during separation of cow milk without adding colorants, flavoring agents or stabilizers, without replacing dairy components with non-dairy components.
For use in various industries
Sensory parameters:
Texture and appearance

Homogeneous. Single lumps of fat possible.
Taste and smell

Pronounced, clean, sweetish cream taste. For pasteurized cream: with pasteurizing aftertaste.

White with a creamy tint, homogenous throughout the mass.
Shelf life, storage conditions and packaging
Shelf life:
Max time between raw milk reception and cream production: 24 h. Max manufacturer storage time: 24 h at 2-6 °С.
Storage conditions:
Separate stainless steel tank.
Packaging: Cream for industrial processing is transported in milk tank vehicles of at least 20 tons in accordance with the rules for transportation of perishable goods applicable to the relevant means of transport. Vehicles shall ensure the temperature specified in this standard. No freezing is allowed.
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