Palm oil and its fractions

Thanks to its fascinating and unique chemical and physical properties, palm oil is now one of the most widely used vegetable fats globally. It’s perfect for baked goods, confectionery and dairy products, especially those with long storage life.


Advantages of palm oil


• Palm oil doesn’t contain trans isomers; it’s naturally hard thanks to high solid triglycerides content, ensuring the needed texture with no hydrogenation;
• High oxidizing stability of palm oil extends shelf life of finished products;
• Palm oil and its liquid fractions do not produce smoke or flames at the frying temperature, so they’re perfect for deep frying;
• Palm oil melt temperature is 36-38 С, ensuring that confectionery goods stay presentable after storage at elevated temperatures;
• Neutral taste and smell of palm oil has no impact on the product taste;
• Palm oil use reduces production cost of baked goods, confectionery and milk-containing products.


TR CU 024/2011 Oil and Fat Products sets out clear product safety requirements.

The confectionery industry is leading the global palm oil consumption structure, with over 30% share of the processed product.

Today, palm oil is a safe, convenient and accessible material for various foods, with growing global demand.


You can find more details in our brochure on palm oil.



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