Milk fat replacers for ice cream

Scope of application
Used for partial or complete replacement of milk fat in ice cream containing milk fat replacers.Used for partial or complete replacement of milk fat in ice cream containing milk fat replacers.
Functional properties
• High crystallization rate and excellent aeration properties.
• Ice cream preserves its shape for a long time, has a high degree of aeration.
• These fats contain 2-3 times more polyunsaturated fatty acids
and less unsaturated fatty acids compared to coconut or palm kernel oils.
• High oxidative stability ensures stability of the finished product quality throughout the entire storage process.
• Quickly melt in the mouth and fully reveal the whole spectrum of taste
and aroma of the finished product. Have a clean, non-specific taste. Modern refining methods are used for fats manufacturing. This is extremely important for ice cream, where the extraneous taste of fat cannot be hidden. Reduce melting speed. Using milk fat replacers can prevent shrinkage of ice cream during storage.
• Provide a creamy ice cream texture.
Application features
High-quality pliable lauric fat product. Used in the manufacturing of ice cream with milk fat replacer, sour cream, cottage cheese and other milk-containing product. Provides required sensory, physical, chemical parameters for the finished products. Replaces milk fat in recipes, thereby reducing the cost of production.

This milk fat replacer contains lauric fat. The fat composition has the optimal liquid to solid oils ratio. Contains emulsifiers; free of coloring agents. Used in milk-containing products with milk fat replacer: sour cream, cottage cheese, ice cream with milk fat replacers.

A high quality fat product used to replace milk fat. Contains lauric fat. Has a balanced fatty acids composition, contains essential Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9 acids. Free of emulsifiers and coloring agents. Palm oil free. Used in ice cream and milk-containing products with milk fat replacers: cheese, sour cream, cottage cheese.
Recommendations for use
• The fat melting temperature should not exceed 65 °C.
• The recommended emulsification temperature is 55 °C – 65 °C.
• Fats should not be stored for more than 12 hours in the molten state.

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