Margarines and shortenings for short-paste and whipped products

Scope of application
Used in high quality flour-based confectionery products
made of short-paste, various types of short-paste cookies (including Kurabie type), short-paste semi-finished products and other confectionery products made using technology that involves churning margarine or fat with sugar or confectioner’s sugar
Functional properties
• High sensory parameters of the finished products (nice taste and aroma, golden color) during the entire shelf life.
• Specially selected fat composition and functional emulsifiers makes the finished product more attractive, with uniform porosity;
• Make a fluffy, air-saturated mass due to high aeration properties.
• Provide a larger volume and crispy structure of the finished product.
• High process efficiency provides good manual
or mechanical molding of dough.
Application features
Thanks to specially selected fats and emulsifiers, the short-paste margarine
produces a finely dispersed system and uniform distribution of margarine among other recipe components.

Shortening for baking provides fluffy, air-saturated mass due to high aeration properties. Dough preserves its quality for longer even with more intensive machine treatment. Shortening has a longer shelf life compared to margarine which makes it possible to improve finished products’ shelf life.
bez-e 33824 «CLEAN&FREE»
Short-paste margarine without E-numbers (Clean Label).
bez-e 33826 «CLEAN&FREE»
High-fat short-paste margarine without palm oil. With its soft texture, the margarine can be churned without pre-tempering, at a temperature of 10-12°C.
bez-e 33827 «CLEAN&FREE»
High-fat margarine for short-paste, free of palm oil, hydrogenated fats, food additives (emulsifiers, artificial colorants or flavoring agents). Thanks to Clean Label, the margarine can be used to make healthy foods.
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