Margarines and shortenings for cream

Scope of application
Manufacturing creams and fillings for cakes, rolls, pastries, soufflés and other confectionery products.
Functional advantages
• High aerating ability.
• Bind various syrups during cream manufacture.
• Provide a homogeneous structure and stable rise when churning.
•Finished cream is easily shaped and structured, looks smooth and glossy.
• When storing the finished products, cream structure and properties are preserved.
• High sensory parameters of the finished product.
Application features
Margarine for cream with excellent churning properties, binds a large amount of recipe fluid.

Due to its high aeration ability, shortening provides a more fluffy and airy structure. Shortening has a longer shelf life compared to margarine which makes it possible to improve finished products’ shelf life.
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Palm oil free margarine for cream Good shape retention, recommended for cream ornaments.

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