GOST butter


Butter is produced by converting high-fat dairy cream into butter.
For use in various industries:
Sensory parameters:
Texture and appearance
Dense, plastic, homogeneous or less dense and plastic. Cut surface looks glossy and dry. Less glossy or matte surface with small droplets of moisture possible

Taste and smell
Pronounced cream taste and pasteurization flavor, no foreign tastes or odors.

From light yellow to yellow, homogenous throughout the mass.
Shelf life, storage conditions and packaging
Storage temperature and shelf life:
Max 15 months at -14 … -18 °C and relative humidity from 80-90%;
Max 10 days at +1 … +5 °C and relative humidity below 90%;
Federal Agency for State Reserves of the Russian Federation: max 24 months at below -25 °C and relative humidity at least 60%.
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