For soft and semi-hard fillings

Scope of application
• Fillings for chocolate waffle cakes.
• Fillings for rolls, sponge cakes, cookies.
• Toffees.
• Praline masses.
• Soft, plastic and semi-hard fillings for candies.
• Fillings for chocolate assortments.
Functional advantages
• High aerating ability provides an extra volume to the filling.
• Give fillings a delicate texture.
• Provide good waffle forming adhesion
(waffle layers do not move and retain their properties);
• Great crystallization rate.
• Ensure high sensory parameters of the product.
Differences between products of the same group
Semi-hard filling fat. At room temperature, the fat has a soft texture which allows for uniform air distribution
in the filling. Intended for moderately dense fillings, pliable confectionery masses, chocolate assortments, hollow waffles. Also recommended for rolls and multi-layer sponge cake fillings.

Semi-hard filling fat has medium hardness, for semi-hard fillings and masses for chocolate-waffle products. Provides the necessary adhesion for joining waffle layers. Aerates well, enabling its use in aerated masses.

Semi-hard filling fat has a soft texture at room temperature, providing for uniform air distribution
throughout the filling. Used for soft fillings, pliable confectionery masses, fillings chocolate assortments. Also recommended for rolls and multi-layer
sponge cake fillings.

Soft non-lauric fat. Used in soft semi-liquid chocolate assortment fillings. Makes for delicate, soft taste of fillings that melt in the mouth. Makes fillings fluid in texture.

Semi-hard filling fat with medium hardness for waffle fillings, fillings for candies, and for use in the flour-based confectionery industry. Contains an antioxidant: concentrated tocopherols mixture.
bez-e 33956 «CLEAN&FREE»
Soft non-lauric confectionery filling fat. Used in soft candies, confectionery pastes. Free of palm oil or its fractions.
bez-e 33958 «CLEAN&FREE»
Semi-hard non-lauric confectionery filling fat. Used in waffle fillings, candies, etc. Free of palm oil or its fractions.
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