Fats for baked goods and flour-based confectionary products

Scope of application
Used in baking (bread, pastry, bagels, etc.)
and wide range of flour-based confectionary products (all types of cookies, gingerbread cakes, cupcakes
and honey cakes).
Functional advantages
• Provide for manufacturing of bakery and confectionery products with a good volume, uniform porosity of the crumb, pleasant taste and aroma.
• Bakery products stay fresh for longer.
• Improve the rheological properties (rigidity, resistance to extension, elasticity) and the gas-retaining property of the dough, whereby the product acquires a fluffy and soft structure.
• Use of margarines and fats in the recipe facilitates the mechanical processing of the dough.
• Increase the nutritional value of the product.
• Provide stable emulsion and homogeneous pliable mass.
Application features
33972, 33977 (99,7%)
All-purpose specialized fats are used in flour-based confectionery and baked goods. Recommended for manufacturing processes involving injection of melted fatty products (gingerbread, oatmeal cookies). The advantage of fats when compared against margarines is their low moisture content. Using fats to make flour-based confectionery goods, it is possible to extend the finished products’ shelf life under certain conditions.
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