Fats and mixes for frying
Scope of application
Used in baking industry and culinary.
• In the flour-based confectionery industry (crackers, hardtacks, etc.).
• In instant pasta production.
• For frying donuts, stuffed buns, belyashs.
Functional advantages
• Can be used for a wide range of operating temperatures.
• Provides coating adhesion (glaze, icing sugar, salt, spices, etc.) and improves the finished product appearance.
• Resistant to foaming, smoke production and polymerization.
• Highly oxidation resistant.
Application features
This fat is much more resistant to high frying temperatures than vegetable oil, which is an important factor for cost-saving and product quality.
Shelf life and storage conditions:
Shelf life:
24 months at -20 … +0 °C.
20 months at +1 … +6 °C.
12 months at +7 … +20 °C.
Storage conditions:
Avoid direct sunlight. Store separately from food with strong, characteristic odors.
Packaging: Corrugated cardboard box with a polymer liner bag. Net weight: 20 kg
Grouping packaging:
Pallet: 40 boxes; Net weight: 800 kg. Gross weight: 818 kg

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