Rich dough pastry: expecting a renaissance

Go into any store – a large retailer or in the format of “at home”, bakery, marketplace or go to the gas station – everywhere puff, puff, puff…. For the past five years, this puff pastry category has been in the spotlight with both federal and local manufacturers.

Where’s the muffin? And what’s stopping her from making the same leap?

Anna Malyavina, project manager of Vatel Consulting, analyst, together with Irina Osokina, leading brand manager of RUSAGRO’s oil and fats division, in the article “Bakery: acting ahead of the curve”.in the article “Baked Goods: Acting Proactively”. reflects on the fate of the category.

Why puff pastry has beaten rich dough pastry to the punch and what will help it regain its position – experts share analytics and insights from large retailers – the latter welcome the pastry, but the time for the Moscow bun and bread roll is passing. As the famous song suggests ‘We are Waiting for Change’. First of all, we need to focus on dough (fatty products play a big role) and form. Will this forecast come true? We’ll see. *Experts spoke about the rich dough pastry category at the PISCHEVKA3D Oktoberfest conference on September 21-22 in Sochi

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