May 10-12, 2023 PISCES 3D Assembly

A red carpet for bakers and pastry chefs? At the No. 1 conference for bakers and pastry chefs – Food3D Assembly anything is possible!

SOLPRO as RUSAGRO’s leading brand of industrial fats and margarines will be a key partner and will help to realize all creative ideas of the conference. As part of the business program, our experts will talk about Clean & Free margarines and the advantages of high oleic oil, as well as share cases of successful products (details – soon). Together with SOLPRO, the technology panel of the Food Processing Center is also being transformed.

All the details are in the conference program. You will also enjoy movie premieres, luxurious receptions and parties. The Food Network will light up the brightest stars. Get your outfits and smiles ready for the flashbulbs!

May 10-12, 2023 BEAUTIFUL 3D Assembly in Sochi. Don’t miss the main event of the year!

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