3 MCPD and GEs: a new adversary or an old acquaintance?
Glycidyl esters (GEs) are produced from diacylglycerides in extreme heat (their content correlates with diacylglycerides level). Mono- and diacylglycerides are generated in oils by hydrolysis, caused by active lipases. Oil crop seeds and fruits contain lipase, an enzyme that gets more active with ripening. Lipase interacts with oil contained in ripe fruits, degrading triglycerides swiftly to free fatty acids, monoacylglycerides and diacylglycerides. Model systems show clear connection between those agents’ content and the subsequent glycidyl esters generation (Fig. 1) during heat treatment. For vegetable oils, factors promoting 3 MCPD and GEs generation during processing are: climate, soil, plant growth conditions, harvesting and storage methods.
SOLPRO emulsifier pastes: best production cost and guaranteed quality
Optimizing baked and confectionery goods production process has always been a key aspect of food industry. Right now, this aspect takes center stage. In this article, we talk about optimizing production processes, reducing production cost, improving product quality and strengthening its competitive advantages using SOLPRO emulsifier pastes.
An OmniLine project wins an award in RUSAGRO GROUP project competition
RUSAGRO GROUP is Russia’s largest agricultural holding company. The Group is a market leader in sugar, pork, crop, oils and fats production. The land bank of the Group is 637,000 hectares. In 2015 a number of investment banks recognized RUSAGRO Group as one of the most profitable and fastest growing consumer goods companies in the CIS.
May 23, 2022 GRANDPRO premium margarine takes center stage live with RUSAGRO Maslo.
We’re going to talk about the GRANDPRO margarine line: a product for confectionery professionals! It’s a high-quality alternative to imported margarines and domestic butter. The GRANDPRO has been specially developed for confectioners. Four products by RUSAGRO Maslo are perfect for any creative idea or process; the company’s technologists will always be there to give process support, no matter how large the client’s business is.
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