Solpro on the inside. Photo report from production

Storage tanks for raw materials

Oil and tank farming. Storage tanks for raw materials. SJK. Г. Saratov.


Control of the oil refining process at SLC.

Control of the oil refining process at SLC.


Tanker truck

Tanker truck. This is how liquid oils are transported.


Measurement of 3MCPD and GE contominant

Lab. Measurement of 3MCPD and GE contominant.


Pilot plants

Pilot installations.


Testing of SJK products

SJK product testing.


Setting up the filling equipment

Setting up the filling equipment.


Automatic Bag-in-Box packaging

Automatic Bag-in-Box packaging.


Production of puff pastry margarines

Production of margarines for puff pastry.


Packing of margarines

Packaging of margarines for the confectionery industry.


Metal detector

Metal detector on the filling line.


LPG production shop

SLC production shop.


Bag-in-Box packaging line

Bag-in-Box packaging line.

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