Quality control system
RUSAGRO Maslo pays particular attention to product quality control, which is reflected in a special quality control system which is a totality of many interrelated elements that control all the means and methods for production quality parameters assessment, as well as measures to prevent possible discrepancies at various production stages.
Constant control at every production stage is an important element of product quality and safety we pay a lot of attention to.
All the incoming raw materials and packaging go through acceptance control that ensures their quality, safety and compliance with corporate regulatory requirements and the requirements of the Eurasian Economic Union, in order to manufacture high, quality, safe finished products
The main objectives of the acceptance control are:
– to check support documents certifying product quality and safety, GMO-free status, absence of allergens not stated on the product label;
– to control the product quality conformance to in-house specifications;
– to control the labeling conformance to regulation and available support documents;
– to control adherence to the supplier products’ storage rules and periods;
– to accumulate statistics on actual quality level of incoming materials and supplier assessment.
Finished product released for sale
go through the following control stages:
– operational control at the required points of the production process, to verify conformance with product regulation and corporate standard;
– acceptance control is the final stage of product compliance control, summarizing the entire production process. It includes quality indicator and microbiology control, as well as consumer testing of each batch of product and regular EAEU safety regulations compliance control;
– control of finished products in storage is focused on verifying the storage conditions’ compliance with the requirements set for the particular type of product by a regulation and/or in-house standard.
Our own sensory control laboratory tests products for sensory parameters (color, taste, smell, texture and appearance) of materials used in production and finished products. We also run product consumer testing according to in-house methods, and that enables us to manufacture highest quality products in line with all the consumer requirements!
We have a certified quality and safety control laboratory for raw materials, semi-finished and finished products. The laboratory is equipped with all the modern measuring devices and equipment (chromatography devices, NMR analyzers, a multi-functional near-infrared analyzer, etc.). All the laboratory staff have higher education in chemistry and regularly undergo third-party training to improve their competences.
The factory also has in-house licensed microbiology lab to run the full range of material, semi-finished product, air, water, wash water from equipment, facility surfaces, staff hands, packaging, tools analyses for compliance with EAEU microbiology regulations in order to maintain proper production hygiene.